Our Dedicated Team

Monique Cierra Lingerie is a small atelier run by a dynamic duo that loves to create dramatic and luxurious garments. We get so excited to make every single piece we work on. Each garment you order from our studio is made from all of our heart with our own hands. We appreciate every customer's support in our small business as it helps us continue to do what we love, creating beautiful garments just for you!

Monique Gould and Annabelle Glover met at work and quickly became fast friends and great coworkers. They bonded on international business travel trips and worked together successfully on many projects. They found that their teamwork dynamic was complimentary, balanced and extremely efficient. In 2020, both Monique and Annabelle, along with many other coworkers, were laid off from their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They both decided that this was the sign they needed to finally jump into the deep end and create their own classic Atelier with a modern twist. MCLA started with custom commissions only and the first garment to be produced in the Atelier was Monique's very own wedding gown. Overtime they began work on a Made to Order Collection of Lingerie that prioritizes fit and comfort without sacraficing sex appeal. They decided to size by exact body measurements instead of vague sizing groups (S,M,L, etc.) that do not fit all of the beautiful unique body types in the world. Monique Cierra Lingerie was created to hand make garments slowly with care and intention that make any wearer feel more confident than ever before.

Monique Cierra Ben Haim

Our founder and head designer, Monique Ben Haim, has been obsessed with design, lingerie, burlesque, and old Hollywood costume for most of her life. She studied Fashion Design at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA and Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy. She has experience working  for high end evening wear brand Zac Posen in NYC, custom latex clothing brand Vex Clothing in LA, and many years as a bra fit specialist. She worked briefly in fast fashion lingerie and became disenchanted with just trying to meet a low price point while sacrificing quality and design details.

Monique is constantly absorbing inspiration from absolutely everywhere. She is well traveled and finds new influences from every culture. She is familiar with many classic fashion references from designer runways, old Hollywood movies, history of costume, eras of pop culture, and more. Monique is able to design from multiple points of view whether you want a sweet vintage airy chiffon robe or a leather studded and spiked catsuit. She can whip up a sketch of exactly what you are picturing in your mind and MCLA production can make it come to life.

Annabelle Glover

Our Vice President and Production Manager, Annabelle Glover, is a bit of a perfectionist in the best possible way. She prides herself in constructing things the right way even if it takes more time and energy. She is highly skilled and has experience in pattern making, construction, couture finishes, hand beading, lace appliqué, fit, and much more. Annabelle has a prowess for constructing garments that look exactly like Monique's sketches, no matter how dramatic the design.

She values perfect fit, proper construction, proper finishes, and creating something incredibly special that you will keep in your collection forever.

Karuna and Nala

Beloved rescue studio dogs who spend every day working in the atelier. They provide security, deadline stress relief, and they increase company morale. Two extremely valuable members of our team.

Are you interested in learning how an independent designer company runs?

We do everything in house so you can learn a lot about mood boards, design, draping, raw material sourcing, fitting, prototyping, marketing, production, and so much more! We are always looking for eager interns who are ready to learn and help make beautiful garments for our customers! Email us your resume if you are interested moniquecierralingerie@gmail.com